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Changing Filter

Vehicle Servicing

Servicing your vehicle will prevent many problems and make you aware of slight problems before they cause more damage to your vehicle or your vehicle becomes unsafe.

We offer various types of vehicle servicing and additional service items, if your vehicle is more than 3 years old we recommended servicing your vehicle every 12months/10,000miles (whichever comes first) and alternating between our Minor/Major service. If your vehicle is still within it's warranty period it is required to carry out servicing to manufacturers requirements, we can do this for you.


Many vehicles from 2014 and onwards do not have service books, alternatively the vehicles' service history is online in a digital format. Many people feel they need to visit the vehicle manufacturer for this but when your vehicle is serviced by us we can update the online/digital service history and give you a print out to confirm it has been updated. Call us to find out if your vehicles service history is online.

Various fluids and filters deteriorate over time. Oil deterioration and filter failures can cause costly diagnosis and repairs which could be avoided if servicing is carried out. Give us a call on 0161 494 5999 to find out about serviceable items for your vehicle that may be overdue and discuss servicing options.

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