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Car Mechanic

MOT Tests & Vehicle Inspections

An MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety as a DVSA approved testing station we provide...

Class 4 MOT test's [£45.00]

Class 7 MOT test's [£50.00].

Whether you have experienced a problem driving your vehicle or want a health check to give you confidence that there are no problems with your vehicle.

We preform thorough vehicle health checks [£30.00] to ensure you are keeping yourself and your vehicle safe.

This includes visual/audible checks of the following:

  • All exterior lights

  • Testing operation of various systems

  • Checking under bonnet vehicle fluid levels and engine coolant anti-freeze protection

  • Tyres

  • Brake discs, brake pads and brake pipes

  • Wheel rotation and driveshafts

  • Suspension and steering components

  • *OPTIONAL (extra cost)* Battery test

  • *OPTIONAL (extra cost)* Full vehicle fault memory scan

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