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Car Mechanic with Tablet

Fault Diagnostics and Investigation

Whether you have a warning light appear on your vehicles display, have experienced a problem with your vehicle/engines performance, have a fluid leak coming from your vehicle or suspect that your vehicle has an electrical problem. We can track down the cause of your vehicles problem.


As the first step to diagnose your problems we usually recommend an initial investigation into the fault. Most of the time we can come up with a recommended repair from this, although sometimes further investigation is required and it is your choice if you would like to proceed with the investigation or not.

Using our advanced diagnostic equipment we can carry out various tests on your vehicle to track down the cause of your problem. We can also preform post replacement programming and adaption for the components that require it to ensure you do not have any unexpected issues with replaced components or any unexpected added costs.

If you have any questions or would like to book in give us a call on 0161 494 5999.

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