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Oil filter change
Brake Discs Fitting
Cylinder head bolts

Engine problems diagnosis and repairs

If you have a problem with the running of your vehicles engine or the engine oil pressure warning is activated on the drivers display. We can confidently investigate the problem and carry out any necessary testing procedures.

Rest assured that once your engine problem our technicians are capable of carrying out the necessary repairs. Should it be that a fuel injector has failed testing and requires replacement or your engine has overheated and caused damage to the cylinder head gasket. We carry out the thorough repairs to ensure there are no reoccurring problems related to the work carried out.


While we understand these jobs can be costly, warranty is only covered on replaced components so we will always advise you what would be best to be replaced. If there are any components that are advised to be replaced but not required it is your choice as the customer if you would like these components replaced. Some customers may request replacement of other components that are not necessarily required to renew the lifespan of these components, we can accommodate to these requests.

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