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Car Dashboard

ECU Software Upgrades & Ghost Anti-Theft Immobiliser Systems

We have teamed with Hyperchips, the most reputable and trusted ECU upgrade specialists in the North West. Through Hyperchips we can provide ECU software upgrades that can bring a huge gain in engine fuel economy along with improvements in engine performance. We can also provide ECU vehicle speed limiter removals to ensure you receive the performance you should from your vehicle.

If you are looking for an anti-theft immobiliser system for your vehicle, look no further than Autowatch's Ghost II. Providing the highest security level available with protection against key cloning and even key theft. Our TASSA registered technicians install these immobilisers, bringing you peace of mind that your vehicle is unable to be stolen even if thieves gain access to the inside of the vehicle and clone the key/transmitter for the vehicle. Anti-theft immobiliser systems can significantly reduce insurance costs for vehicles if your insurer is notified that you have a Ghost Immobiliser installed. With Ghost immobiliser II installed the only way to demobilise the vehicle is to enter the specific immobiliser release code setup by yourself after installation of the Ghost immobiliser, this code can also be changed by yourself at any time you wish to do so. Don't leave your vehicles security up to chance, give your vehicle the security it needs.

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