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Oil filter change
Fitting brake discs

Braking, Suspension, Steering & Drivetrain

Whether your brake pad warning has appeared on the display, you can hear an unexpected noise when driving, your vehicles steering is heavy or your clutch system has failed. We can preform the necessary repairs to your vehicle using premium quality parts.

The reasons we use premium quality parts is to ensure the repairs we carry out last much longer than the warranty period. Warranty repairs mean you are without your vehicle which causes more inconvenience and expense to you in alternative transport while your vehicle is in for warranty work.


While we can never guarantee when repairs will be complete, our top priority is providing exceptional service and ensuring you are back on the road as soon as possible. This outlook is why over 90% of maintenance/repairs carried out by us are completed within the same day. If we think it is unlikely for us to complete the maintenance/repairs required within the same day we will let you know and you can simply rebook your vehicle in for the next availability.

If you have a sudden unexpected need for your vehicle back but you have already agreed for us to start repairs on your vehicle, if available we can provide a loan vehicle to relieve your stress of being without a vehicle.

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