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How we provide the best possible experience for you and your vehicle...

Service Advisors

Our service advisors make booking your vehicle in simple. If you have a fault with your vehicle and need advice on how we can help to get to the bottom of the fault our advisors will be able to help you.

We offer various types of vehicle servicing and additional service items, if your vehicle is more than 3 years old we recommended servicing your vehicle every 12months/12,000miles (whichever comes first) and alternating between our Minor/Major service. If your vehicle is still within it's warranty period it is required to carry out servicing to manufacturers requirements, we can do this for you.

Quality Maintenance

Our vehicle servicing is carried out using only OE quality parts and only using the correct specification fluids. We use components from a select amount of high quality manufacturers and all replacements come with at least a 12month/10,000mile warranty.


If you are curious what manufacturer the parts we are using on your vehicle are from do not hesitate to ask our service advisors.

Expert Technicians

Our team of technicians consists of experts in various fields including mechanical repairs, auto electrical repairs, vehicle diagnostics/programming and qualified MOT testers.

With over 75years collective technicians experience we have the knowledge to link the issue you are having with your vehicle to possible causes and decide the best/most cost effective route for repair/diagnosis.

Read below about our extensive range of services to give you confidence our technicians are the right team to care for your vehicle.

Range Of Services

We provide services for Car and light commercial vehicles from over 25 vehicle manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a trustworthy repair centre for your vehicle or are a company looking for coverage of your light commercial vehicle fleet, we are confident we can assist you with all your needs.

We can carry out any mechanical/electrical repairs along with any vehicle servicing from engine timing belt replacement to automatic gearbox servicing ensuring you avoid any costly repairs due to avoided maintenance.


Our technicians are trained to use specialist diagnostic tools which we can use to investigate your vehicle faults.


We have experience using an extensive range of diagnostic tools including genuine diagnostic software for vehicle manufacturers including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda.

Many companies are not familiar with problems specific to diesel engines, Bredbury Car Services have been diesel vehicle specialists ever since the date the company was founded.

Fleet Maintenance

We have dealt with various nationwide and worldwide companies over the years providing them with the services they require to keep their vehicle fleet in the best condition possible.


Offering class 4 & 7 MOT tests, servicing and maintenance carried out to manufacturers requirements for vehicles still within their warranty period and the extensive range of specialist repairs we can preform are some of the many reasons we are the best choice to maintain your companies fleet.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 0161 494 5999.

Services We Provide
Car Mechanic

MOT tests & Vehicle Inspections

An MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety. We preform class 4 MOT test's [£45.00] and class 7 MOT test's [£50.00].

Whether you have experienced a problem driving your vehicle or want a health check to give you confidence that there are no problems with your vehicle.

We preform thorough vehicle health checks [£30.00] to ensure you are keeping yourself and your vehicle safe.

This includes visual/audible checks of the following:

  • All exterior lights

  • Testing operation of various systems

  • Checking under bonnet vehicle fluid levels and engine coolant anti-freeze protection

  • Tyres

  • Brake discs, brake pads and brake pipes

  • Wheel rotation and driveshafts

  • Suspension and steering components

  • *OPTIONAL (extra cost)* Battery test

  • *OPTIONAL (extra cost)* Full vehicle fault memory scan


If you have any questions or would like to book in give us a call on 0161 494 5999.

Fault Diagnostics and Investigation

Whether you have a warning light appear on your vehicles display, have experienced a problem with your vehicle/engines performance, have a fluid leak coming from your vehicle or suspect that your vehicle has an electrical problem. We can track down the cause of your vehicles problem.


As the first step to diagnose your problems we usually recommend an initial investigation into the fault. Most of the time we can come up with a recommended repair from this, although sometimes further investigation is required and it is your choice if you would like to proceed with the investigation or not.

Using our advanced diagnostic equipment we can carry out various tests on your vehicle to track down the cause of your problem. We can also preform post replacement programming and adaption for the components that require it to ensure you do not have any unexpected issues with replaced components or any unexpected added costs.

If you have any questions or would like to book in give us a call on 0161 494 5999.

Car Mechanic with Tablet
Changing Filter

Vehicle Servicing

Servicing your vehicle will prevent many problems and make you aware of slight problems before they cause more damage to your vehicle or your vehicle becomes unsafe.

We offer various types of vehicle servicing and additional service items, if your vehicle is more than 3 years old we recommended servicing your vehicle every 12months/10,000miles (whichever comes first) and alternating between our Minor/Major service. If your vehicle is still within it's warranty period it is required to carry out servicing to manufacturers requirements, we can do this for you.


Many vehicles from 2014 and onwards do not have service books, alternatively the vehicles service history is online in a digital format. Many people feel they need to go to the vehicle manufacturer for this but when your vehicle is serviced by us we can update the online/digital service history and give you a print out to confirm it has been updated. Call us to find out if your vehicles service history is online.

Various fluids and filters deteriorate over time. Oil deterioration and filter failures can cause costly diagnosis and repairs which could be avoided if servicing is carried out. Give us a call on 0161 494 5999 to find out about serviceable items for your vehicle that may be overdue and discuss servicing options.

Braking, Suspension, Steering & Drivetrain

Whether your brake pad warning has appeared on the display, you can hear an unexpected noise when driving, your vehicles steering is heavy or your clutch system has failed. We can preform the necessary repairs to your vehicle using premium quality parts.

The reasons we use premium quality parts is to ensure the repairs we carry out last much longer than the warranty period. Warranty repairs mean you are without your vehicle which causes more inconvenience and expense to you in alternative transport while your vehicle is in for warranty work.


While we can never guarantee when repairs will be complete, our top priority is providing exceptional service and ensuring you are back on the road as soon as possible. This outlook is why over 90% of maintenance/repairs carried out by us are completed within the same day. If we think it is unlikely for us to complete the maintenance/repairs required within the same day we will let you know and you can simply rebook your vehicle in for the next availability.

If you have a sudden unexpected need for your vehicle back but you have already agreed for us to start repairs on your vehicle, if available we can provide a loan vehicle to relieve your stress of being without a vehicle.

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Fixing the Car

Engine problems diagnosis and repairs

If you have a problem with the running of your vehicles engine or the engine oil pressure warning is activated on the drivers display. We can confidently investigate the problem and carry out any necessary testing procedures.

Rest assured that once your engine problem our technicians are capable of carrying out the necessary repairs. Should it be that a fuel injector has failed testing and requires replacement or your engine has overheated and caused damage to the cylinder head gasket. We carry out the thorough repairs to ensure there are no reoccurring problems related to the work carried out.


While we understand these jobs can be costly, warranty is only covered on replaced components so we will always advise you what would be best to be replaced. If there are any components that are advised to be replaced but not required it is your choice as the customer if you would like these components replaced. Some customers may request replacement of other components that are not necessarily required to renew the lifespan of these components, we can accommodate to these requests.

ECU Software Upgrades & Ghost Anti-Theft Immobiliser Systems

We have teamed with Hyperchips, the most reputable and trusted ECU upgrade specialists in the North West. Through Hyperchips we can provide ECU software upgrades that can bring a huge gain in engine fuel economy along with improvements in engine performance. We can also provide ECU vehicle speed limiter removals to ensure you receive the performance you should from your vehicle.

If you are looking for an anti-theft immobiliser system for your vehicle, look no further than Autowatch's Ghost II. Providing the highest security level available with protection against key cloning and even key theft. Our TASSA registered technicians install these immobilisers, bringing you peace of mind that your vehicle is unable to be stolen even if thieves gain access to the inside of the vehicle and clone the key/transmitter for the vehicle. Anti-theft immobiliser systems can significantly reduce insurance costs for vehicles if your insurer is notified that youWith the Ghost immobiliser II installed the only way to demobilise the vehicle is to enter the specific immobiliser release code setup by yourself after installation of the Ghost immobiliser, this code can also be changed by yourself at any time you wish to do so. Don't leave your vehicles security up to chance, give your vehicle the security it needs.

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